• 01 shadow 1100 sabre

    01 shadow 1100 sabre

    Cleaned carbs put new jets in a 190 and 200

    Has straight pipes

    K&N air filter

    ? Is my max speed with 2 riders is 83 mph weight with 2 riders is abput 420 total me 275 wife 115

    Has a 50 lb front fairing so added weight about 470

    83 feels alow compared to my other bikes no clue on solo only rode 1 time since carb work

    • 50 pound front fairing????

    • Has a 1000 watt amp 6x9s and speedo amd other stuff mayby a lil less

    • I see..ok

    • If my speedo worked I could tell you my highest speed thus far lol. I do know the wife was doing 70 behind me one day and I steady pulled off, lol. I'm about 175 plus about 60 lbs in gear across the bike. I keep a charger/jumper in my bag lmao

    • Believe it or not, your k & n maybe to blame. I've seen aftermarket intakes rob performance rather than add. It's crazy but it happens

    • I've got 95 shadow 1100 and I've hit 95 with wife 400 plus pounds could've gone faster but wife didn't like that speed

    • I've done 101 on the gps with my sabre, I weigh 260... there was more left in her though...

    • I have to try when am solo i think i meed more back pressure

    • I have a 2001 1100 I have straight pipes my carbs have not been jetted yet and mine runs about 85 mph

    • i'm on a 2007 vt750. I'm 260, with full fairing , stereo, full bagger kit on rear, straight pipes 2n1. I can crank 100 and still got shit tons of throttle left. problem is after 70 it's to dam loud.