04 crf250r I am in need of some suspension setup help. I m new to bikes


04 crf250r I am in need of some suspension setup help. I'm new to bikes. I'm 150 pounds with all gear on. I ride on a loose dirt track. Gets rough at end of day. Having problems with the rear wanting to kick me over the handle bars. Because of this broken collar bone and 3 ribs has happened. Went over jump kicked me over. I'm looking for help on how to cure this problem. My clicker is 2 past neutral. Do I need to adjust rebound or........ all help is appreciated thank u!! Again I am new to bikes so I might ask questions lol!

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  • I think it would be better to buy a rear shock that is setup for your weight, as it would be just a swap out of the shock.

  • Ok so it's the whole shock or the spring? How do I go about finding the right shock for my weight? Sry like stated newbie here.

  • Your stock 04 CRF250R rear shock is part # 52400-KRN-671 and retails for $654.17. I have a 05 CRF450R rear shock that is part # 52400-MEN-731 that retails for $614.93. It you know the length of your rear shock, we could compare it to mine. My rear shock is for sale and it's in great condition.

  • Stock those bikes are set up for 150 id just make sure the seals are good and just use your clickers especially slowing the rebound down if it kicks you up over the bars

  • Just slow down the rebound speed, rebound clickers on Hondas are at the bottom of the shock by the linkage. When you push down on the suspension it should come back up a little bit slower than it went down. Of course this is an extremely simplistic​ example but it should get you going in the right direction

  • And set the sag at about 4", you tube it, it's really easy and makes a huge difference

  • And try and set your sag

  • Sometimes it just comes down to body position on the bike and condition of the face of the jump. Some jumps you have to pull back or get out of the gas a little early. Some jumps the faces are beat and they have a little kicker at the top. Start with setting your sag to around 100-104.

  • I did find after the fact (not knowing) that my rear shock clicker was set all the way to hard. I am going to set sag to the 100-104 range and also going to get the right springs for my weight. The stock spring rear is 5.5kg and I need a 4.6 (little softer) fronts I need a .42kg and stock .48kg. I called factory connections and that was there suggestion. Set everything back to neutral and adjust from there.

  • See if you can find a used 250x rear spring. They are a little softer than the R. Can probably pick one up pretty cheap on eBay.

  • The 250x is the 4.6kg I'm needing thanks found one for 30$ on ebay!ď

  • Are they hard to change yourself? Or should I take it to someone to have done?

  • Not hard. No need to pay $75 an hour at a shop to have it done. Like the other guy mentioned, YouTube it. Saves a lot of money.

  • I needed a heavier spring, my buddy had an 09 250r spring which I think is a 5.2. took us about an hour.

  • Cool yea YouTube is a great tool lol now as far as rebuilding it (internal) what's best route to go? I talked to the original owner and neither front or rear have been rebuilt ever. Would it be best to do a whole rebuild on it? Also was told to change front springs to.

  • I payed a local guy that used to own a shop and would set up at tracks on the weekends. When the number of racers dropped a few years back he closed down but still does side work. I had him install a Racetech gold valve kit ( awesome investment). If you are very mechanically inclined and don't mind buying all the tools and extra seals if you screw up go for it yourself. I didn't have time to mess with it. I took them to another shop to begin with and after 2 shot they still couldn't get it right. The guy said I had some rod loose in one fork. As far as the rear you have to be able to deal with the high pressure nitrogen charge on the reservoir. I wouldn't touch that.