10 000 takes her


£10,000 takes her.

A one off chance to own the legendary "Dirty Grom".....

%d comments
  • What 5k in 10 mins that's some fucking inflation

  • Legendary since its "Dirty Grom" and owned be me.... A legend

  • I know. I blame the government

  • Legend

  • Comes with number plate tag line as well

  • Your mean leg end

  • It's gonna be legend-wait for it-ary

  • I can even offer basic maintenance advice/servicing.... At extra cost of course.

  • I gave Charlie an oil can and more of it was on the floor than in the can.........

  • I was decorating the patio.

  • Is it just me or does that shock nut look loose?

  • It's just you. It's on proper

  • really?! That's meant to be about 40nm it looks like you can see the threads and no where near the bracket

  • All fitted properly . This is the non fully adjustable one

  • I believe you mate, it just looks like the nut in the box doesn't look tight, it looks like you can see the threads and it's not tight against the bracket! Maybe it's just the photo

  • Sure it's just photo.. Had it one for a good few 1000 miles

  • *Rider not included

  • That's a relief! ;)