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    Looking to purchase a CBF1000.

    Payed a deposit. I've traded in my beloved CB1000R as I wanted to tour and have something better one fuel.

    Going again at the weekend. Anything I should look for?


    • It's the same height as my cb1000r. Ive got slightly bigger boots to solve that haha

    • Daytona M-Star boots

    • I looked at one before I got Rosie for me was a bit on the tall side were the biffer is just right n great power delivery

    • Short arse

    • Mark Pearson yep

    • I'm 5'7. So not sure what you are

    • I use to have a Nc750s. Wanted the X but couldn't touch the floor. Loved that bike.

      Slight addiction to Honda haha helpful that I work for a dealership

    • I'm the same height , mind the servicing for the vfr can be expensive

    • Mark Pearson it's Alvin stardust platform boots you got short arse

    • Duggie is 3 foot 2 in his high heels

    • On a good day

    • I went from the biffa to the Vfr great bike but changing down on the vfr to get speed up rubbish fuel consumption biffa any day

    • Riding position on the Vfr can also be heavy on the wrists and back

    • Found that out Mark Pearson

    • Ahh no! They not good on fuel then?

    • There ok but I found you were always going down a gear to get going sharpish where as with the biffa it's effortless same as my fjr which I have now and getting 55.4 miles per gallon

    • Me too. I borrowed a VFR with a view to purchase but I could not get on with the pain in my wrists around town. On the open road it was superb :)

    • So Amie Hurlstone , what bike did you go for ?