• i love this bike ! but wheres the front signals ? lol

  • Took them off

    The indicator relay was situated in the old head unit

    It's not a legal requirement to have indicators on a bike as long as you do hand signals

    So until it's sorted I'm just going to have to flap my arms about lol

  • Orite the headlamp looks mint ! I'd get some of those stick on strip leds and run a relay from under the seat :)

  • I do like them

  • It's really divided opinions this headlight

    People seem to really like it or hate it there is no in between

  • All due respect, head light ain't me cuppa tea and those LED strip indicators ain't DOT approved and indicators are legal requirement if the switch gear is on the bike (if the system is there it must work), i know that from my off road days.

  • Yes yes yes I know all about the

    RTA 1988 and Construction and Design 1992 both state this... only exemptions are if theyre designed not to have indicators or registered before 1962.

    However if you get stopped, you tell them your relay failed and you're waiting for a new one from Japan as the UK's out of stock... ;)

  • In the unlikely event you did get stop, think they would drop the 7 day rectification on you if they where on the ball. I got stopped the other day, ain't clinch my arse cheeks that tight in ages, i was like please don't check this and that on my MSX.......Luckily the traffic boys where quite cool about it even though i purposely failed to stop.