• Can't wait to see the insides

  • So I'm not the only one that is really freaking interested to see what's in there

  • Smashed piston and valves I reckon maybe a few damaged gears too

  • Tudor, think we are starting work in the week. I will give you a shout

  • yeah mate I will happily do the brakes and stuff and help your dad with the engine :)

  • I feel your pain

  • Cheers bro

  • 400 engine swap?

  • Yeah let me just take it out my kawasaki

  • Aha you'd wheelie everywhere then

  • What's the plan Jack ? Building back to stock or any little tweeks going in there ?

  • Only change is Finbro upgraded crank

  • If you want a standard barrel, piston and top end, you can have my 3.7K stuff. You will have to come and get it though. Carshalton/Walton-On-Thames but I'm only around until Friday. Karl Waldron will tell you if it's worth a transplant. Seemed ok