• Found a picture on a Fb group I wonder what I was doing wrong

    • Team yellow!

    • Don't really see that many yellow ones about, mine will soon be pearl white and carbon

    • Gavin Robinson I was going to go for yellow or white and I'm glad I found a pristine yellow one used for sale. I absolutely love it. The only other colors I have seen so far on the road are black and red. Unfortunately I've never been on the Grom when I've spotted them.

    • I'm still keeping my yellow fairings for when I want to change back, and I wasn't too fussed on the colour but glad I chose yellow not seen another round my way yet

    • Went to meet a few lads they all had red

    • Gavin Robinson yeah I tend to like going for ones that I know not many people will want. Always been like that.

    • Plus with these you can change everything on them , I've got a fairing kit on the way along with smoked rear light , undertray, gold swing arm, seat cowl

      And will get the bbk next payday haha

    • Gavin Robinson hell yeah. I'm not sure I'll big bore mine. I just ordered the MNNTHBX exhaust

    • I've done 3week on mine and 1500miles , I need a bbk as there won't be much else to change on mine soon

    • #team yellow.

      They're the fastest

    • Hmm I'm liking those drl/flashers

    • You won't when u see the price. You'll cry

    • £325 new. I got mine second hand but still stupidly expensive for indicators. But worth it for the look

    • I've seen the price before, and thought wow must be solid silver

      What did you pick them up for?

    • I can't remember but think I gave £220 notes but might be a tenner more or less.

    • They are well made and look brilliant but as I said they are too much money. Way I look at it is I'll get some of my cash back when I sell them on if I ever part with the grom that is

    • Braced swinger? Show me some of that porn

    • Tyga so like rocking horse shit.

    • I like that one

    • Looks really nice

    • I swopped it from this

    • So much better looking the one that's fitted great choice to swapp