• You must enjoy polishing Jason. Looks sweet mate

  • Thanks man. Not sure if anyone could enjoy polishing. Lol

  • If a jobs worth doing, I thought you had done ur wheels

  • he never rides the bike!afraid of dirt and he can start the polishing again :-P

  • They're nice but I love me Blue Flame Evo Titanium Double spout straight thu cans lol..Originals too before they tweaked them as deemed too loud n by christ anybody riding behind me would sue for Industrial Deafness lol...oh and no change to standards for mot!

  • Remember, latex isn't a dirty word by god you need them on your hands when using Autosol pml..

  • Lol, Sebas, I do ride it, just not on wet days and dirt roads. I have good hand cleaner Tracy. ;)

  • My wheels were chrome originally but it was flaking off due to the previous owners dog pissing on them. I was going to full metal polish them or re-chrome them again but a mate suggested he could get them powder coated for me so I went with that for now anyway. Might still get chrome ones but I have been told by the big boss in a year if I am not happy with them. lol

  • Mmm.! Yoshi's.