• She's in good nic mate. Very nice

  • Thanks man. I just spent the last 8 months doing her up (new paint, metal polished everything on it, new bolts, HPC coated engine pipes, etc, etc) My gf always asked "how much was that?" " How much was this?" With her reply being "Ching ching!" Lol. But then she starts telling me that I need a silver chain for it to match with the rest of it and not gold(as it is) Lmao. I spent around $3,000 making her look pretty

  • Haha I know what your going through my wife is the same but how's this she was the one that wanted me to buy this bike! What hugger is that? Where did you get it from?

  • Lol. The hugger was on the bike when I bought it. Got it from a mate and he was the one who started the carbon fibre. http://www.geelongcarboncraft. com.au/categories/Honda/?page= 8&sort=featured

  • He got it all from here, not cheap but top quality product. I have seen the front and rear huggers much cheaper on ebay and the look good but nobody else appears to make the tank pad but them. I have seen bikes advertised overseas with their products fitted to them.

  • My iPad just died in a flood of drool

  • Bling bling bling.....very cool