14 Honda rancher just got the 6 inch boss radio on it and ant took it out...

14 Honda rancher just got the 6 inch boss radio on it and ant took it out ridding with the radio yet was just wondering if anyone has and does it sound loud and clear when ridding if not thought about buying the 8 inch boss. Any answers??

  • I've got the 6 inch and even in pouring down rain I can hear mine I love it and had never Givin Mr a problem

  • *given me a problem

  • Watt wattage? Maybe I had the weak one there's like a 400watt an a 220 or something like that

  • Take them off when washing the fourwheeler. I didn't and after about 6 months of riding and washing the amp in mine died.

  • I wanna say the one I have is lol 280 watts idk for sure I'm prly wrong and yea I pressure wash mine I thought bout take it off everyte I wash it it sounds good sitting still was just worried bout ridding in the woods or ridding period it still sounded good gonna try it out next weekend

  • Mine was good every time after washing it and then one day it just quit. Now it's just a tube taking up room in my shop.

  • Mines the 400

  • I love mine. I wish I would have splurged for Bluetooth so I don't have to drag the aux chord around is my only complaint. Other than that I have had zero issues with mine.

  • We love our 6inch boss tube. Had it for like 3 years. It goes on wheeler for rides. Goes in our boat on lake. Goes on a tube floating the Guadalupe river. We've had to caulk around some of the seams to keep insuring it's waterproof. Just gives it character.

  • We have hmf exhaust on a foreman 500 n can hear it just fine over it. I've even power washed it several times after rides n still works like a champ!