1500 obo

$1500 obo

  • Too far =[

  • more pics please

  • A rebel ruckus hybrid. That cool.

  • I wanna hear it lol

  • Nice! Good luck.

  • This is before the valves were adjusted so there's a lil knock but you can get this gist

  • Nasty as hell, got an idea now

  • Exhaust wrap was still wet from putting it on so there's steam coming off

  • First idea until I decided to go all out

  • I really like the cafe look.

  • Dude you should find another bike and make a cafe. You got talent man keep it up.

  • Yea but seat frame wasn't high enough and it was to simple of a modification for me haha

  • Alot of credit goes to Bob Bartlett he's the man. I did electrical work with David Lee Watkins help and engine work. Bob helps me with the welding and the sick ass swingarm

  • I kinda steared it in the direction I wanted and worked my ass off to make it all happen

  • Lol damn sick. I messed with minibikes 20yrs ago. Trail sport jr converted to a 8hp chopper with torque converter 62 rear gear could easily hit 50. Lol haven't touched my rebel yet. I want to bobber it and bring the seat back far as I can. Big guy like me needs more room lol

  • Why I did the seat frame like I did

  • Raised and moved back

  • Nice.

  • This is mine 08 250.

  • One day I'll have it look like this but all the chrome stays lol

  • Bro send me this video

  • You still coming out to Cali