150cc motor with gy6 ankle biter


Any locals interested in a good running 150cc set up for rear disc brakes with the monster gy6 ankle biter???Also will come with stock tranny not one pictured

%d comments
  • How much for the ankle biter set-up

  • $60

  • No ankle biter is sold lmao

  • Angel Dejesus did say he wanted and he's local..

  • I like the clutch bell

  • Keeping that lol

  • Lol were ya at

  • Make sure you're letting these guys know that it's not a full anklebiter, but two very non-structural front plates. I'd hate to see someone slamming and snapping their case and getting pissed at you about it.

  • I have them in stock if you want one :)

  • Actually the front plates are thicker than the back plates so ide say 2 fronts would be more sturdy and durable..

  • Price

  • $40 shipped

  • Then taxes coming soon whole scoot is getting RE done

  • actually now that i look at it. Its a little different than the pictured one

  • That one is dope

  • Wish I could get one that's captain America shield

  • Is that both pulleys and both plates?

  • Who do you sell the exhaust? Cory Kiggins

  • No just plates

  • Ok. Are you willing to sell exhaust as well?

  • Not going to part out because it it don't sell I'm fine with keeping it

  • It's ok Cory Kiggins I just thought since you're selling the motor the exhaust is separate

  • Still for sale??

  • Yes sir

  • 300 and uShip

  • $25 more and you can get a brand new motor with carb starter everything

  • Chris Kraken Rubidoux

  • You are right but not disk brake

  • Mine is only set for disc won't be included