186 mpg yeah okay

186 mpg yeah okay

  • Your an aero daymanic human? Even when i am 2 up on the bikes, i dont really notice a change in performance or overall fuel consumption

  • Yeah I have a rear wing on my back lol. I do think the 186mpg has gotta measured by crappy mathematics.

  • No a 186 is possible in the ideal situations which no eveyday person is going to be in, if you go to somewhere hot, with a 200 mile level road and no traffic or juctions and cruised at 86% throttle would would probably see the 186, espically if your quite a way above see level

  • I'm buying an msx for fuel economy


  • My drz is do expensive on fuel though

  • DRZ aint that bad, try 1000cc sports bike £20 gets you 100 miles

  • What?! Fuck that

  • Me scooby does £30 in 100 miles........

  • Well let's hope I get a bloody Payrise