1961 cb72 spot the difference game there are so many different parts on the...

1961 cb72, spot the difference game.there are so many different parts on the early bike, lets see how many we can name.

  • this one don't have the correct petrol tank, or front alloy mudguard or correct rear mudguard.

  • horn, oil slinger cover

  • I got a chrome front fender on mine

  • kevin, is your frame number before or after 11549

  • Before, it is: 11109

    Release date: 05-06-61

  • front brakes changed to DLS at 11549 on the 72 and 10281 for the 77

  • What does DLS stand for?

  • SLS, single leading shoe, DLS, double leading shoe

  • More commonly TLS...(Twin Leading Shoe) cos the double leading shoe meant there was 2 TLS's in the front drum one each side of the centre line.