• 1964 CT200 with 125 Lifan wiring harness by Jon Pardue Thankfully a good...

    1964 CT200 with 125 Lifan, wiring harness by Jon Pardue. (Thankfully a good friend, and neighbor)

    • Just found this group, my first Lifan conversion.

    • Oh what a lucky man! More pictures please. =D

    • Saw a couple pics of your bike on the ct90 forum, and advriders. Please do post more pics! I'm working on building a sidecar for my ct200 with 140 lifan.

    • Pic of sidecar when I got it, farm fresh from a hippie. Tons of fiberglass work, and primer. Waiting for windshield now.

    • very very cool

    • Very nice

    • Groove!

    • Awsome! Great color

    • Best cub ive seen