1971 cl450 is running great but after riding for about 40 minutes the idle hit...


1971 cl450 is running great but after riding for about 40 minutes the idle hit about 3 grand at stop lights. If I let clutch out half way it drops back down. I ordered New gaskets for the slide covers of the carbs but they just came in so in the mean time I made my own they are not perfect but work do you guys think it is the gasket or carbs not synchronized perfectly . Runs perfect for first half hour or so any ideas

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  • To soften cab boots try 1/3 oil of wintergreen with 2/3 rubbing alcohol. put them in a sealed plastic bag and leave for a few days.Works wonders.

  • double check if your petcock is not plugged and that the float bowels are getting a constant flow of gasoline.if not you will get air in the carbs and a leaner fuel and cause it to rev a lot higher.

  • Brand new petcock and I did soften the carb boots I think I'll start with the new gaskets on the slide I cut the ones I have in there by hand

  • I just sent you an article on carbs

  • Thanks

  • Subbing because I'm currently having this issue. Just bought carb rebuilds and gonna re-time and sync after, w see.

  • I tried to add this carb manual to the files section...but it's too big unfortunately

  • Here is how to replace the felt throttle shaft seals


  • ^ Oh that'll be a good watch at work...

  • Two suggestions: 1) When motor is off, spray the inside of the carbs with silicone spray to coat the slides; they might have crud on them. 2) Examine the boots that connect the carbs to the cylinder head for cracks or bad fitment. A crack would be leaking air into the mix. You can fix most cracks with silicone paste or silicone caulk. Also check to make sure he clamps are tight at each end of the carb boots.