1980 CB900 Custom Parts Or Whole.


Motor free and moving. Very clean bike. Tank seems to have no problems. All the parts look good and clean. All parts up for grabs. Seat has not tears. Make offer on bike as a whole if you like.

%d comments
  • Lol yea im not sure how far from rock hill sc Alabama is. Never been there.

  • Are you willing to ship parts?

  • Yea i ship things all over the world.

  • Excellent I'll have a parts list in the next couple days

  • Awesome.

  • Grab me that list and send it over and ill get prices on everything for ya.

  • I appreciate it

  • No problem mann . Its what i do. Lol

  • Interested. In oil cooler line or lines specifically right side .

  • Spark unit control unit head light starter magnetic switch