• 1984 v65 Mag what s the oil I should put in her

    1984 v65 Mag what's the oil I should put in her

    • What it comes down to is this... In 1984 honda designed and built these bikes with regular oil, the clutches were not designed for synthetic. Others have had great success with synthetic and thats awesome... Doesnt mean every bike will be successful with synthetic... I'm not willing to take the chance that mine will be one of the ones that is not successful. She means too much to me for that. It boils down to preference I guess. Whichever way you go Tweak A Moffitt I hope she runs great and you gain as much enjoyment out of her as you can!

    • Oh and btw man... Love your posts. Dude the pics are always awesome

    • Synthetic will not hurt the clutch. If it slips stop using it, no harm done.

    • Plus, who still has the original clutch in their bike?

    • Like I said to each his own. Im just not willing to take the chance

    • I do

    • I hear you but there is really nothing to chance.

    • I understand that. there is a long story behind my bike and I just dont want to do anything that wasnt designed for it.

    • Ask Dave Dodge. He knows everything about v65