• 1989 250r. Trades. Click on pic for details

    1989 250r. Trades??? Click on pic for details.

    • 1989 with a 1986 motor 67.5mm fresh bore15 hours on the top end mid range port fmf pipe 450R front conversion hubs rotors spindles new bearings and seals upfront burgard A-Arms Fox shocks Excalibur axle anti fade nut fully polished motor Taper bars iys just a good all-around running quad just looking for something different starts first/second kick every time very reliable just looking for something different is all.

    • NE Indiana 46767

    • Damn If only I had something to trade I would hit the road now. Looks like great deal.

    • I've tried to trade u before

    • Brandon James I think the distance between us is the deciding factor lol

    • Bob Ferguson

    • Cash?

    • Trade???

    • I trade you cash

    • Take cash buy a 700xx then come see me. And I MIGHT trade depending on the shape of it