1995 Honda DelSol Si w/JDM GSR Swap



Need to pay for an upcoming surgery myself, since I can't wait for it to be approved through my healthcare.... Luckily I own 3 DelSol's... so I don't mind selling my project at this point when my health is more important.

I am selling my 1995 Honda DelSol Si. It has a salvaged title; assuming due to theft since the body damage is only paint rot from a crappy Makko's job.

The car is currently registered. Drive it away. Pink slip in my possession and in my name.

The Engine:

95' Spec JDM GSR, fully rebuild ~30K miles ago into a USDM engine case from a 95 Integra. I have photos and steps of the entire rebuild. EVERYTHING was machined and specced out. Upgrades on the engine itself are as follows:

Full head rebuild, JDM P72-00 pistons, JDM GSR cams, ARP headstuds, Moroso oil pan, already outfitted and turbo ready (oil feed line for turbo is already mounted and capped, as well as oil pan drain port capped with an AN fitting) so a turbo kit is literally "bolt on" as I had originally planned to turbo this engine, but ran into medical problems, JDM Type R transmission (Non-LSD, freeway RPM in 5th is usually 4K+ RPM), no-name headers that leak from a pothole incident, AEM cold air intake with CARB E.O. Presently it's being run off eCtune, installed in a JDM P72 short case ECU. *The JDM ECU comes with the engine*, Add $350 if you wish to have the tuning package stay with it. If you buy the car with the engine; the VTEC model (8KRPM) cluster will remain. If you buy the shell with no engine, you will get a stock Si cluster installed.

The car itself is complete. The body itself is 99% dent free. No major damage aside from the Makko's paint job peeling away and one rust spot by the gas filler.

Comes as pictured aside from a few small details:

The detachable steering wheel will be removed and a stock one put in place; unless the buyer wants to pay extra for the customized detach mount since it's a "thin release" model mounted to the "short hub" which NRG themselves say is not possible to do. Well; with some machining: it is and I would charge $300 for the modified thin release with short hub since that's what I paid in parts and to rent a machine shop for a few hours.. The driver door handle will be replaced with it's original black one. I don't remember why I put that green housing on there.... I think mainly to piss people off that my car isn't all one color.... I used to keep my green top on it as well for that very reason. The sun visors will be the original factory ones; not the JDM ones (possibly) seen mounted. Those are going in my other SOL. Unless you want to pay the $150 on top of your offer. It is also still wired for a stereo and amps. I just never installed one.

*DOES NOT COME WITH RIMS PICTURED IN REAR. IT WILL COME WITH THE SET OF 4 LIKE THE ONES ON FRONT. MAKE AN OFFER ON THE REAR SET YOU SEE PICTURED ON IT IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THEM, I HAVE ALL 4 in great/excellent condition... just dirty. All tires on both sets of rims are garbage, they hold air, but I wouldn't drive on them for long because I pretty much used as much as humanly possible from them already*

Willing to sell shell and engine swap separate. Make a reasonable offer, or the above applies to you as well.

Make a reasonable offer. Lowballers will flat out be blocked on facebook to save me future heartache and time. So keep that in mind when you make an offer.

If you make an offer on the vehicle; and you wish to also purchase the thin release/tuning package/JDM visors, Those prices are firm and will be added to your offer. This itself is a simple concept.

I will not part-out. I will only sell a full car, or a full shell and a full engine swap. I WILL NOT PART IT OUT.

**Be weary about bad advice from tuners that claim to be reputable and can't even get a driver's license, or worse yet, tune your car on one EMS like Hondata, and try to make that tune work on another EMS like CROME afterwards without actually tuning it. You have been warned. I've heard of many problems with these types of people; especially the one in the southbay that thought it was ok to activate nitrous at part throttle, couldn't figure out how to get the ECU to activate the nitrous, and makes deals right and left with stolen equipment/parts..... Just a fair warning**

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