• 1997 integra trade


    Trade for another shell, should only be missing engine as that is the only thing I am taking off

    Has title

    -2 1/2 inch full exhaust

    -new brakes, ceramics up front, new brake rotors in the back , resurfaced front

    -removed the wing, put some caps in the place of the holes , can include STOCK WING

    -has all ac components included with sale

    -new automatic transmission cooler

    -complete interior, seats are not ripped

    -will not include my radio, stock harness is not cut

    -Plates just expired this month 3/17

    -new wipers, cleaned up the lights real good.

    -took the carpet out the other day and pressure washed it

    -radiator support is bent, comes with an extra support, needs drivers side fender, the one it has is bent. Besides that the body is straight, no dents

    -fan relay.

    -CEL because of o2 sensor, Installed a new one but haven't wired it in

    -has a spare tire in the trunk

    -stock integra radiator

    -upper control arms on front are adjustable.

    -Bring your own wheels

    -litterally only taking the engine out, harness and ecu are included as is the transmission.

    *car does turn on as of 2-25-17* but engine is not included. Looking for a shell to trade. Wagons, hatchbacks, del sol, anything really.

    The last pictures are the most recent.

    Need an engine? -Eddie Martinez has one.

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    • Eddie Martinez has an engine, this is being sold as a plug and play shell

    • Beto Lopez