1998 Honda Aero 1100 C3 out of the garage


1998 Honda Aero 1100 C3 out of the garage.

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  • VH long shots.

  • Russ, we have basically the same bike except mine only has 18K miles

  • If your Leatherlyke bags have faded at all from the sun use Like New from walmart and it will make them dark again ive had mine done for a year and a half and they still look great

  • It's called Wipe New from Walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Wipe-New/24726536

  • Russ Tkac how do you get the tank bib to go under the fuel cap?

  • Yeah russ wipe new my bad

  • And it does work great Jesse.

  • Shawn it came with it so I'm not sure.

  • who else hs a leather tank bib and knows how it fits on. I've had the opportunity to buy one but wasn't sure how to fit it under the cap trim