1998 Honda Shadow 750 for 800 plus deliver ownership runs good comes with...


1998 Honda Shadow 750 for $800, plus deliver, ownership, runs good, comes with saddle bags and windshield, thoughts?

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  • do to it what i'd do to the Phantom if i could ever afford one

  • Is the title clean?

  • I have a shadow vlx 600. Love it

  • Even if it's a salvage title doesn't always mean it's trash but make sure if it is to inspect every square inch of it before putting your butt on that seat!! My 04 rebel is a salvage but the guy let me check out everything on it before I bought it. 2 majors are the head stock bearings and check the frame for warps and cracks.. Provided you didn't already know that if so long winded pointless comment here LOL.

  • The guy he got it from traded it to him for something.

  • Oh so he just has no interest in it you may have come across a good deal!

  • Mhm. I'm still waiting to hear back from the guy

  • My next bike will be a VLX. I like the Shadows.

  • I'm selling a vlx lol

  • Love the older shadows with shaft drive I learned on a 1985 750 shadow and I would love to own one some day. It was my dads old bike he gave it to my brother.. On the other hand at least he tried to fix it!