2. More. Days. O. O. O. she will be mine oh yes she will be mine

2. More. Days. :-O :-O :-O ... she will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine

  • That's dumb get another grom or do more to the one you have or something?? Get a duke 390 or something. .. why that??

  • It's dumb?? That's just an opinion dude. It's just something I want...me myself and I. I don't need 2 Groms. Next bike I get will be a KTM500EXC

  • Nice!! Just giving you shit cause you rule the grom!! I see all the stuff you post with this little bike and all the changes and stuff you have done along the way, and was just hoping you wouldn't give up the smaller bike for the big one, or at least that much bigger lol and yeah I wasn't saying it was that dumb sorry you took it that way! Just saying you shouldn't get a bigger bike... just have more fun on smaller ones:)

  • Sorry if it w as s a bad time for you for me to respond to your post sheesh

  • Lol no worries Jesse I got you dude, I'm just so easily offended lol!!!

  • And no WAY I'm giving up on the Grom. The Grom is and always will be a funner bike i think

  • I love the care free, less life threatening feel of hopping on the Grom and tearing around like a hooligan

  • That's exactly how I feel on it, but a little bit hesitate due to the fact I got t-boned on my 2014 by a truck running a stop sign at 40 mph lol but my 2015 feels a little different than my 2014 did, which I rode with a little bit bigger balls lol

  • I don't like my 15 as much as I did my 14

  • Getting hit by a car always concerns me too lol....I feel like nobody can see me on the Grom, and I try to always ride that way. Glad you are still riding after that happened, sounds scary!