2000 Aero had it about 10 years now and love it


2000 Aero, had it about 10 years now and love it.

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  • an old friend of mine fabricated the mounts.

  • The seat Nickolay is a Mustang wide tourer with back rest. Came in handy for my SS1000 mile rides...LOL

  • Thanks everyone for the compliments...

  • Man I wish your friend could make me a set haha. I'm determined to now do it to mine. Thanks for the inspiration b

  • Glad I could help... ;) BTW, tsukayu makes some that look very similar http://www.tsukayu.com/Strong.htm

  • I don't know if this helps anyone, but a cheaper version is http://www.a1hardbags.com/motorcycle-hard-bags/st- motorcycle-saddlebags.html

  • I have these on my Roadstar, a little smaller than the Honda bags and cheaper made but they do the trick.

  • Yea the Valkyrie bags are the same as the tourer. Now to hopefully find a pair of good stock plain black ones.

  • Where you get those bags

  • Got them by luck while on a ride John House, met a guy with a set. The planets must have been in line that day because im not usually that lucky...lol