• 2005 Honda shadow saber seat on a 97 Honda shadow spirit didn t take much to...

    2005 Honda shadow saber seat on a 97 Honda shadow spirit, didn't take much to make it fit

    • I had to make the rear hold down bracket 3/4 of an inch longer

    • So you basically just had to drill a new hole and the seat cover the old hole?

    • welded a piece of 1" flat strap on the rear metal bracket, added a new hole to line up with the oe hold down stud, painted the bracket black.

    • Did u take pics I'd be interested in seeing how it's done

    • picked up the seat off of ebay for $100. foam is a lot different in the new seat.

    • I took off the passenger strap and bracket

    • So u welded that bracket on the old bracket? seems easy I always see seats like that for newer shadows but didn't know if they would fit on my 88

    • How does it feel

    • more like some type of memory foam

    • Nice can't wait to do mine looks real good brother enjoy your ride

    • look at the aftermarket seats to see what years and models their seats will fit, that will give you an idea what to look for