2007 model. With 9000 on the clock never going to sell babz

2007 model. With 9000 on the clock never going to sell babz!

  • My 2001 had 2900miles on the clock when I got it, just under couple of years ago :-)

  • My mechanic nearly fell of his seat when I told him how many K's. he said he services them with 125 000!! On the clock

  • Been having problems with my 2004 (7000 miles) electrics but that Looks lush

  • Wht electric problems do you have Joab ?

  • Bike has been off the road for about 2 months but haven't had a chance to sort with work so busy.

    Rear spark plug not sparking.

    After some testing it looked like the coil as no spark from this but then sparked in another storm do maybe ECU.

    Trouble is it seems to be a different model in mine 2004 than the older ones so couldn't just swap to test.

    Hopefully Liam Bennett is going to have a look with me.

  • Would like to come down again without a time limitation on my part, if you get a chance check the pickup coils and connection leading up to the ECU before we point directly at the ECU as the problem. Would be good if we could get Liam onboard on the day with his electrical knowledge.

  • That would be amazing Steve Kay.

    I am more than happy to pay your petrol money etc. I can't do Thursday nights but can make myself available just about any other time. I wish I had better knowledge but my skills are only with computers and some martial arts.

    What do you think Liam Bennett?

  • r ur foot peg in ther arign plac or do u hav sum cind ov spaser

  • Any evening other than Tuesday im good just give me some notice

  • Could probly do a Saturday afternoon or some point on sunday as well