2011 Honda 420


The bike is really not free

Not seeking or trading for nothing except for a nice Lil or BIG truck

The bike has


Rad relocation



Hand grips

2inch lift in front new rear drive shafts in back

And one new bearing in rear end

35% gr with clutches



Front lower ball joints

One cv axle

And the rear end bearings

%d comments
  • No

  • It needs like 1500$ in work

  • No it don't I priced it it will be like 190$

  • You said it smoke? Gonna need the motor rebuild, plus the front end work, axel an bearing

  • It gonna need rings and it will not be even close to $1500 $300 tops

  • Brennan Sanders thanks man

  • Yw

  • Lowest price?

  • Don't really wanna sell but make offer

  • Would you trade rims and tires?

  • For what?

  • Swamplites on ss rims and cash