• 2012 420!

    2012 420 rancher

    1500 miles

    300 hours

    Clutch kit with built clutches

    35% gr

    500 top end in put in by Tom Miller PowerSports

    2" lift and 1" spring spacers

    K&N air filter

    Extreme motosports snorkel kit

    Honda 500 rear end

    Highlifter rad relocate

    Multi color halos

    Led pods

    Hmf exhaust

    30" mud lights on 12" ss s212 rims

    Sale 3k obo

    Or trade for a truck

    • I live in Texas

    • What part?

    • South east

    • City?

    • Warren

    • Stupid question MS stands for Mississippi right Evan Pickering

    • Yes

    • I'll tell you what for 3,300$ I'll make the drive to you

    • Lucas Foxworth^

    • Nah man that would be expensive to drive here causs of gas

    • Evan Pickering

    • Heck I need it sold lol

    • Got any pics if it? Evan Pickering

    • Pm em plz