2013 Maddog "Project Humdinger"

One of a kind Maddog Ruckus Clone scooter

You're not going to find another bike like this anywhere! Plenty of custom one off parts and the only maddog to lay full frame with front and rear air suspension, and yes it lifts up to ride. I'm open for trades in the form of cash, firearms, ammo, cars/trucks, tacos, etc...

150cc GY6

7" fatty rear wheel

Shinko whitewalls

Mojo mount stretch

Custom water jet brackets and gussets

Air suspension front and rear

4 valves and compressor in battery box

Copper hardline

Air switches integrated in hand controls

Push start and killswitch

Wiring harness ran inside frame

Custom header and shorty muffler

Aftermarket handle bar mount

Lowered headlight bracket

Molded LED rear tail light

Cutout CVT cover

Clock in battery box

So much more to list...

Keep in mind there are a few things that have changed since these photos. The tank has been relocated, gauges, and the cupholder. But everything else is still the same from the photoshoot. Feel free to get with me if you have any questions or would like to see it.

  • Pepper

  • I would like to get a Ruckus and turn it into a Rat Rod... Rust on frame . croaded chrom But Fast as all get out...........

  • There are a couple builds like that already. Some of them done well and some done poorly, but totally unique!

  • what i'm after totally unique....

  • Hell yeah. Pepper step up bro

  • I have met a guy at Ruckhouse one day and his was so sweet all rusted out upgraded and moved. Looks real nice but don't touch it lol

  • Sexy as always... you tried to sell that before right? My whole mindset is keep it as a backup daily (yes, even I'd daily that lol). Or make a big shelf and display it in the living room or something if you are not feeling like riding it anymore and aiming for new projects :D

  • I'm looking to buy a new house with a lot of garage space. If I get a house before I sell it I may end up keeping it. But for now it's just taking up space and I've got plenty of vehicles for backups, lol.

  • Ah gotcha. More room for Legos and stuff! I still live the simle life here with one truck and 3 scooters.

  • How much for truck in Ruckus total price please

  • Hey there I'm interested. Would you mind letting me know what kind of motor work is done or tranny work for that matter?

  • 150cc with a clocking flange... I didn't build this bike to go fast, I built it to cruise shows and park hard.

  • $35k

  • Doug Burkmire for sure. Just wondering if the motor and tranny was pretty much stock

  • You are out of my price range

  • It's a virgin motor with low miles. Less shit to go wrong if you don't tear into it.

  • Was that a complete sentence or words from your spelling test??

  • My words and my senses are complete because I'm in the hospital full of drugs

  • Now all I'm saying is your price is too high

  • Doug Burkmire i'm definitely considering your bike. I'll Pm you

  • Well now you went back and edited you comment... But seriously, I couldn't give a fuck less if you think my price is too high. The truck isn't for sale in the first place, so $35k is my "I don't want to sell it" price. If you don't like it then move the fuck on.

  • I have a pic of this scooter as my background on my work computer..haha

  • It would match my bug.

  • That's awesome! lol. Now you could own it too!

  • I know right

  • That's my favorite bug

  • Thanks!

  • MADDOG Still for sale?

  • Yes it is

  • Damn man, your bike is stupid sick!!!

  • What size tires are those?