2016 SF UK parts or best place to get them. Much appreciated

2016 SF UK parts or best place to get them? Much appreciated

  • Depends on who you want Gavin Greenall for tyga parts and Ben for takewana

  • Not sure I'm new to msx life, first think was flush mount front indicators

  • I can't remember if there the same but I got mine off ebay for £7 typed in cbr600 indicators

  • Msx accessories is good but Thailand. Most bits miss customs or are seriously reduced so charge is cheap

  • Looked at msx accessories postage was a lot only seemed worth it if I bought a lot, I'll have to check that out Matt

  • Yeah bulk buy is best.

  • Msx125acessories discount code is newyear16 10% off

  • Like these, are msx just 2 wire connected

  • Ye that's the ones

  • These do the job? If so great

  • You have 3 wires on the standard ones but the 3rd wire is for the daytime running light, ovs don't need to wire that in just positive and negative :)

  • Yeah cracking I'll get these ordered tomorrow . Is that 3rd wire what'd causing the front indicators to always be on?

  • Have to have a real look see if it's worth it now, new to msx and riding really what's first best things to get

  • You'll need to splice the wires or get indicator adapters.

  • Yes have you got a multimeter? You can then check to find the wire with permanent 12v as opposed to the 12v feed only when you select the indicator ;)

  • Bars&tyres

  • Then pipe , airfiltrr

  • Gavin Msx Robinson I like the robot v2 bars. Have to check these out thanks

  • Yes I like them but I'm going to go with some pro taper ones

  • Ebay has also ones with a direct fit connector, was like under 10€

  • Damn ordered some now other ones I listed, see what happens with tjem