• 2016 Tao Cruiser 50.

    Hey I've got a non running bike and at a loss. Had problems for a while and now no start. *Symptoms

    *Dies at idle.

    *Runs slow/crappy bogs down ( -8mph Or so)

    *Hard to electric start. (Have to kick the sh#$ out of it)

    *Had to prime carb with gas if hadn't driven that day

    So all signs pointed to valve clearances. I was a little intimidated and broke so I used a piece of pop can as a .35 or whatever feeler, did some research, and dove in. Sure enough, no gap. On either side (I believe)

    However, I drove it a while before I adjusted them. It wouldn't start prior , still won't. Did I likely damage the engine?

    I changed the oil cause there was gas in the air filter. Got New battery. New 19mm carb. New iridium spark. Checked hoses and connections. There is spark. Seems to be compression (finger test) I put a little gas in where the plug goes didn't have starting fluid. No love. Any ideas? would a 72 BBK solve my problems you think? Thanks for any advice.

    • I don't think it'll blow your rings, but I guess it can happen.

    • Yes Justin that's exactly what it was doing, hard to start and sh $$y performance. But also with some weirdness,ie the fuel pump issue and the gas in the oil. So it's like there are multiple problems. I did get a set of feeler guages, I believe my buddy checked my work and said it was cool. I'm not worried about it, since I understand it can be between .02 and .05. And the pop can is supposedly .035. God I sound like a moron ill double check it. Will update.

    • Gas in your oil is a bad sign, I'm not sure what causes that.

      When rings go bad you'll have white smoke coming out of your muffler and vent on the valve cover. .003 intake .004 exhaust is usually the best setting for most 50cc. .005 is a little much.

      If I was you I would go ahead and get the BBK since you're already considering and you're needing to do a teardown anyway.

    • Your head is bad. Fact. Any more brain busters?

    • Ignition coil

    • Stock cam you could find manufacturer tolerance for lash vs common rule of thumb. I need to do this aswell though I can't find anything from Ncy what they suggest with their cam

    • Ok so I checked with .004 feeler on both. Seemed ok, slight resistance. TDC with the cam holes lined up. I checked the spark. Seemed week but... Checked compression with my finger. Seemed ok. Put gas straight in under the plug. Shouldn't it have been wet after trying to start a lot? It smelled faintly of gas. So if the head is bad, does that mean it's not sealing? Or does it have a function? I'm not really an expert yet guys. I like the ignition coil idea I'm gonna take one off my parts scooter and try it thanks

    • Stock fuel pump?

    • ...New coil mikuni pump and bbk!

    • Yeah shitty vacuum fuel pump. Not a petcock. I'm thinking go with the more complete kit, with a new head. I can't imaging that not solving the problem. Altho as someone who thought checking the valves was gonna be a big issue, I may not have any business installing this. I plan to slightly upgrade to the 72cc, thus preventing any tomfoolery with a danm CNC machinist. This is my daily driver, It's mission critical. Thanks to all for your input!