• 25. Quite happy with that

    £25. Quite happy with that.

    • For the new fairings I bought.

    • Stick ons?????

    • Where did you get them from bud?

    • Ebay

    • Yeah, they are cheap in every sense, but fine for what I want.

    • eBay.

    • Thanks I'll take a look

    • Sadly a one-off

    • Ahh no worries cheers bud

    • Snap! Painted the silver soft gold on mine though. Got mine from msxsport.com

    • If you can't find those ones William Walker.

      Another alternative.

    • Those ones look quite nice Kevin, where are they from?

    • don't laugh ..... Thailand

    • Thanks matey I'll have a shop around and see what I can find

    • how did you find them when they arrived? stuff on that site is so cheap!! can't believe the price for a set of wheels, cheaper than getting the originals sprayed

    • Yeah alright, I mean the vent covers themselfs are only cheap plastic stick on ones to tart the bike up a bit but mine are still going strong almost 2 years on, it was just how long they took to get to me! Use PayPal with them incase it goes tits up

    • The 70 dollar ones from hm fit kinda shitty. Id get tyga or better for proper fit

    • These look like they might need a bit of persuasion to fit. But as I said. For the money they are good for what I want.

    • I spent 3x the money on Tyga tank and inner shrouds, still had to modify them to fit.

    • I like idea of painting the gauze.