2nd problem with my bike had a fuel line split at the fuel tank 72 CT70 w...


2nd problem with my bike...had a fuel line split at the fuel tank ('72 CT70 w/Lifan 125 motor)...apparently due to a combination of ethanol fuel and using 3/16" fuel line.

Did some research and a kind person suggested 1/4" Tygon fuel line...so I installed that. It fit perfectly on the tank.......but is too large for the carb that came with the Lifan.

What do you all do about this? Adapters? Hose clamps?? Safety wire? What is the best way to remedy this?

Thanks in advance for any help with these issues...

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  • I'd rather the entire line inside the tank be one continuous piece for that reason (so no adapter inside the frame)...with a single, uncut line, I think there is more integrity and less chance for leaks than if I splice in an adapter inside the frame.

  • I use 3/16 fuel line as well...vent tubing will swell and fall apart...try eBay for 3/16 fuel line...like Mike Warner I never needed or use clamps...the only clamp I use and would recommend is on the motor vent tube

  • I started clamping them all after I had a CB350 line come loose at the carb and dump disturbing amounts of fuel onto a raging hot engine. Afterall we are humans and flammable. Most FLAPS sell assortment kits of these guys.

  • C'mon Brad, live on the edge. You dont need no stinking clamps.

  • I'm a human and FLAMMABLE

  • I have used tygon line in the past...I did not like it...fit was too loose...I also hated the radioactive piss color

  • Motion Pro makes black Tygon

  • Yeah I've only seen gray and black Tygon. Anything translucent is another material.

  • Lawnmower shops sell yellow translucent Tygon.

  • Yep...I got the yellow Tygon for now...