350X riders 1 of my X the clutch seems fine while riding it but once u let it...

350X riders 1 of my X the clutch seems fine while riding it but once u let it sit over nite or a couple days. I can't get it in gear without it dieing and jumping forward if I rev it real high it sometimes will take gear. Cable is adjusted rite and clutch does not slip, it seems very Notchy while shifting also. Is the plates just glazed over? Any ideas?

  • My 450 does it snd it has a hinson basket...the discs just stick to the plates sometimes...some oils help it. But i just rev it up abit and click it in and the plates break free easily... however my 350x dont do it but not as stiff a spings and different brand clutch

  • Ryan sometimes it's so bad it will stand up when I rev it an while riding it don't feel like it's releasing when I pull he clutch in to release. I'm gonna break into it Sunday and see what's happening, it will be rite when I get done with it.

  • Groves in the basket.

  • Kinda thought it cud be that to. Takin a file and smoothing them up Wudnt be a good idea wud it?

  • You can do that if you want. It will cause a bit of a gap, or a clunk when going from deceleration to acceleration due to the extra space in between the clutch pack and the basket.

  • Friendly rip, a 300ex clutch basket is exactly the same. So instead of trying to find a decent 30 year old clutch basket that people think are some rare expensive item, you can buy a COMPLETE gently used clutch setup for under 3 digits.

  • Stand up..wow :o

  • Thanks for the help guys, it's really appreciated.

  • Gotta the clutch out, this motor was a crate motor been on the 3 wheeler about 4 years, the plates have deposits from the fibers like stained on them. I take it's from sittin over 20years. The clutch cover has never been off it appears and factory gasket with the honda gray glue. So new clutch kit should fix it rite up. Thanks again for everyone's input.

  • Aha! Told ya sittin over time makin them stick :p