• 42 Groms great turnout since half of you bailed

    42 Groms, great turnout since half of you bailed

    • When is the London run?

    • to be honest, the cycle event fucked it up, a meet at the Ace and then into London is a good ride out, whether your a Nutter or not, I'm a nutter, but i will ride with anyone

    • Me to... Gromming is the best fun I've had in 41 years of biking...!!!

    • My rear brembo fucked it up for me

    • Hope you had fun

    • We're still doing the London run right? Just need to pick some new dates when lycra nobs ain't on the roads.

    • oh yes 100%

    • Just don't make it on the following two Sundays cause Grandad Grom is relaxing...!!!

    • Cracking day out ladies!

    • you guys home yet?

    • I didn't bail... I'm married...!!! PMSL

    • Exactly 151.7 miles round trip for us like 6 warriors that went back to ace haha

    • ~WTF...when was this?????

    • ^^^^to add I didn't bail, had no idea this was happening :(