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How hard is it to convert an es over to a manual shift?

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  • Jessie Cartlidge I was gonna do it. But roughly $500 to do it

  • What needs to be dine

  • Jessie has a list of stuff. I know you have to change your front and rear cases but Jessie will know everything

  • Got to change a shift shaft. Front and rear case.. wire harness..

  • Damn

  • You can make the wireharness work.. but its Jerry rigged

  • I've got everything to do it off of a 13' model, full electrical and engine parts.

  • Don't have to change all of that Jessie only have to remove Reduction gears from under ES motor on front end reinstall es motor and change the shifter shaft and rear cover.

  • Well there ya go. I was going on what I was told. Lol

  • I know. I have the results of that sitting in my shop currently

  • Lmao you ever get that bike pulled around yet

  • No lol. Been trying to get Josh's bike ready for mud nats.

  • Killing me smalls! Lol I'm on a dead line!! Lmao got to have this bike ready by March

  • Me too lol!

  • Really just need to know if thar rear diff is good. I can rebuild it at home.

  • I'll make it happen this week lol.

  • Good deal. When I bring the bike.. we will match everything up on the spot. Mine is missing a few nuts and bolts.here and there. Lol

  • Same. I'm not all that worried long as your front diff is good

  • Jason wanna convert my bike? Lol 09 420 es to standard?

  • I believe it is

  • Bring it to me after Mud nats Tyler

  • I don't think you even have to remove the reduction gears, the manual shaft is shorter and doesn't protrude into the ES housing but the fan gear would need to be pulled out though or it would just be laying there rattling around so I guess you could take it all out anyway. You do have to pull the front cover though because the ES shift shaft has to come out through the front where the manual shaft goes in from the rear. The clutch actuator arm is welded to the ES shaft where the manual arm splines onto the shaft. I haven't done the swap personally but this process seems right from going in the engines and remembering the differences in the shift shafts.

  • You don't have to change that shaft out if you take the shift gears out. I was referring to the shaft the shifter goes on.

  • The ES shaft doesn't have the pivot arm welded on the back end of it though that the shifter fits into. The ES shaft fits into the angle sensor back there.

  • You have a point there. Some models do and some don't because footshift 420s with displays have an angle sensor. On them too

  • Oh really? I thought they just used the shift drum sensor to work the display.

  • My 2014 footshift with power steering had an angle sensor

  • The microfiche of parts does not really clear this up. So I can't comment. Worst case you'd just have to swap that shaft too.

  • You know there is the shift drum sensor that often gets messed up when putting the cover back on, they all have that one. The ES and auto's have that sensor and the angle sensor, I was thinking the angle sensor is solely for the ES system to communicate.

  • Right the same sensor that you sent me because I messed it up. I do not know if the angle sensor on that footshift bike was for the power steering or for the display but I do know without a doubt it had one.

  • I see