Just want to know a few things. I own a 2011 Honda 420 and other than a 2 up seat and winch along with some ITP mud lites everything is stock. So my questions are as follows 1. What do you guys/girls think of the k & n filter ?

2. What is the best option for a 2" lift to get some extra clearance?

I do not want to put a snorkel kit or a rad relocation kit on as I do not do any mudding , I use it strictly to get out to my hunting locations / retrieve the animals and use the quad to plow my driveway.

  • Get a uni air filter. And as for the 2 inch lift.. lifting the rear won't give you any more ground clearance. Unless yours is IRS.

  • Ok thanks and yes i have the irs..

  • Ah. High lifter makes a 2 inch then.