5 days ago I got an msx. best thing since sliced bread

5 days ago I got an msx :) best thing since sliced bread.

Cheap and fun.

Just looking at different things to do to it. I'm new to this whole thing

  • Will do :)

  • Sweet mate

  • Rear brake arnt that good so I put a front disc on the back and made a calliper holder and replaced the stock calliper with a zx6 front calliper

  • Darren like it mate diffrent

  • It's for stunting have a 636 kwak stunt bike that's why I did the brake conversation

  • What you got brake wise Darren Caton

  • I highly recommend Moto X Thailand for MSX parts. Friendly and helpful. I've had 3 separate orders from Thailand and only paid customs once. Luck of the draw I suppose.

  • I will have a look on there soon mainly looking for a tail tidy with high plate position and twin exit exhaust

  • Japwebbike I think it is are good

  • Try jap4perfoance you get a discount for being in the Msx Facebook club

  • Cheers guys will have a look later on