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My husband is looking at buying a bike that had a battery burn up on it and has some damage. We are new to having a bike and we were wondering what people opinions are on what it would take to repair this one. My husband is very mechanically inclined. Should we even try or look for one without any damage? We can pick this one up for less than a grand. Thanks a bunch!

  • But if you pass on it, let me know where it is. If its not too far, I may be interested. Looking for a long term project for a shop bike.

  • Welcome!

  • Personally.....I would pass. I would make that bike a donor bike and part it out. The selling season is just starting, and you could find another in MUCH better shape for anywhere from $2k-4k.

  • If the engine turns over (and I'm sure it does), I'd buy it. Put it in 4th or 5th gear and roll it to see if the engine turns. Also, as already stated, getting it for less wouldn't hurt!

  • This is either a parts bike or a $500 project bike. Nothing more.

  • don't it's a trap.. will eat your money at the end and you never know how much you will need to pay to fully restore it

  • Nice to see Tami Glover, haven't heard from you in a while.

  • no way

  • there is 1100 aeros for less than three ,running in great shape

  • I'm still curious as to where this is