• I got an 82 900F project I ve been collecting bits and pieces for Toying with...

    I got an 82 900F project I've been collecting bits and pieces for. Toying with the idea of stuffing my 83 1100F engine in it, with single shock rear, USD front end & modern 17" wheels. Question: Does anybody have any recommendations for "Honda" USD front end t use in this particular application- and the particular mods required. I have a lot of USD front ends, but I like to keep things manufacturer specific if at all possible. Thanks in advance for the help.....

    • Getting forks long enough is the main problem . .gsxr11 are often used. . I know people have used Blade forks. . But they're shorter than stock. . Ground clearance can be an issue . . If your just cruising around you can use just about anything . .

    • Agree,

      There all to short..

      And with 17 Inch wheels, ground clearance will be a problem.

    • Yes you will have ground clearance problems using the more modern grippy 17'' tyres, the exhaust is the first to grind followed by the engine covers, you need the longest forks you can find

    • CBR1000F's are pretty long, not sure you'll find any USDs that are anywhere close, without you having to get dropped yokes made.

    • Triumph tiger USD may be long enough . . Or other super moto type forks. . Late fz1 may be worth a look

    • Thats what I'm afraid I'll wind up having to fabricate

    • Could always buck the trend and do RWUs ... Darren does some nice ones ... :-)

    • ZX14R are long enough and the bike was heavy enough that you won't have to resprib go for the 900. Same with RC51 SP1 forks, they work just fine. You can use 210mm spaced triples. If you want to have it handle well go with 40-45mm offset. A set of triples with a top winged clamp that is dropped around 1 inch will give you added confidence in the clearance if you are an aggressive rider. Set up the static rear swinger droop between 12-12.5 degrees, you won't have any clearances issues if you give some thought to the exhaust. I use JayGUI for all my builds and am an authorized dealer in North America.