• I recently picked up a very abused 2005 Honda Rincon 650 and have been working...

    I recently picked up a very abused 2005 Honda Rincon 650 and have been working on the quad to make it usable again. I redid all of the wheel bearings, rebuilt the carb, and replaced the cam. The bike finally has power and I was able to ride it for a couple of hours. I then heard somewhat of a rubbing noise and the quad wont go anymore. No oil pressure. I am taking it apart again.... I was hoping I wouldn't have all these problems with a Honda quad... its my first ATV and I just wish I could play with it more instead of constantly taking the thing back apart....

    I hope I'm not in over my head on figuring out this oil pressure issue. I have began taking the front cover of the engine off to see if my oil pump chain is on there. Does anyone have any experience with the Rincon's 3 speed tranny?

    • Call Hunt's cycle shop

    • Hondas 400 AT Rancher is a great one to stay away from performance wise. The there is the 03-05 Rincon.... Pressure wash it down,clean it spic and span,and take it t your local Honda Dealer. Honda MAY,,I stress may,, fix it. The average Rincon takes around 20 minutes to warm up in cold weather before they will move. Not a good tranny at all. There were updated O rings and kits. May or may not "help" yours. I w ill not say the word fix. Good luck..

    • Haven't had any problems with tranny before this... fires up cold, goes into gear just fine... I don't take anything to the dealer I prefer to work on my own stuff. I have to keep tearing it down to find out what could be the issue but it is def oil pressure related.