65 plate MSX black red on the bridge in Newhaven. Anyone on here


65 plate MSX black/red on the bridge in Newhaven. Anyone on here?

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  • That me then bud

  • ah cool. Was me on the white one, then had my 2 pals behind on the KTM and MT07

  • Saw that grom headlight light in me mirrors

  • haha i saw the stock exhaust and was like oooooo msx friend

  • Got all my goodies in the garage to fit after first service bud. Must say yours sounds deep and crisp

  • ah sweet. what you got going on t bike? and yeah its nice haha got the 143 kit on aswell but shhhhhh its a 125 officer ;)

  • I've forgotten most of it as just bought and added to the box