bought a rebel for my wife to learn on it s an 85 cmx250c Anyhoo been getting...

bought a rebel for my wife to learn on, it's an 85 cmx250c. Anyhoo been getting it fixed up for her and doing some mods. Found a good deal on a new carb, was almost cheaper than the rebuild parts for the old one. So, it showed up and it's a dual, her bike is a single with a manifold that splits to the cylinders. We're any rebels made with dual carbs? Any hope of finding the right manifold for it?

  • You need single manifolds for each carb. Probably have to jet and run pods

  • I can rejet if needed, what are pods?

  • Little independent air filters.

  • Oh ya, I've seen those, don't think I'll have enough clearance between the frame member just behind the carb. Gonna have to run coffee filters or something... or cut and weld new bars with clearance.

  • I bought my bike with twin carbs already on too.

    I know what you mean about there being no room for k&n type filters to each carb though as there is so little room by the frame.

  • Just go with the single carb, especially if you aren't going to run an airbox on the dual carbs. CV carbs run like turds without an airbox.

  • I have Aussie dual carbs on my USA 85 Rebel. Yes they will fit with the stock air box if you have the right connections on motor and airbox side,

  • pain in the but to tune.

  • Those carbs you have are setup for a Rebel clone. 2nd gen Rebel clone.

  • After debating this with the wife, she wants to just rejet the single carb and call it good. Anyone looking for a new carb? Lol