83 MPG


83 MPG!!

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  • Just checked mine on the 2014 Rebel at 330 miles, 3rd fill up. 112.3 miles on 1.3 gallons = 85.7 mpg.

  • Vincent, do you think this can improve when the engine gets broken in all the way, or do you think this is it?

  • 83 is fabulous, Vincent. I can drive to work 6 days on 1 gallon of gas. Loving it.

  • Hell ya!

  • Sue, I am not sure if the mpg can improve since I have less that 2000 miles on it. I did one oil change so far. But I was getting about 88 mpg working overnights and riding with no traffic on the road. With this tank of gas, I was in a lot of stop and go traffic...

  • The addition of the windshield definitely improved gas mileage

  • honda rebel does around 110mpg...

  • How'd you do that? I must know!

  • Dang, I thought I was doing good at 72!

  • My rebel 125 doing about a ton ... increased the small sprocket by 1 tooth. Which helped