84 v65 mag without taking the side panel off what is this key port for


84 v65 mag without taking the side panel off what is this key port for

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  • It is an alarm system that goes with that FOIL (acronym) cable and is just as loud as an old beeper. The battery will corrode and leak. It was a nice idea but never really caught on.

  • Well now when I go to sell my gas cap ignition helmet/seat lock off my parts bike I'll have to add that to it

  • FOIL=Fiber Optic Integrated Lock

  • Hey Mike, on that fuel line; where do we get the molded stuff that's at the carbs? Or will the OE line bend that sharply? Those little 90 degree turns look too tight for anything but molded. Thanks. BTW I'll PM you later/tomorrow on getting some of the right stuff for the rest of the fuel system, eventually I want to shotgun mine and prevent any problems.

  • Did that make sense???You can use regular fuel line to go straight to the carbs.

  • OK thanks, I was kinda thinking that since I couldn't find anything like molded stuff on partsfish.

  • Thanks dad

  • Yeah- $45 for that is just ridiculous!

  • Ah Ha! There ya go. TY

  • Tom, go to your auto parts store, buy the correct length fuel line. Make sure it's rigid in form. Flexible, but rigid. Grab a 2x4, and using the original fuel line, nail in nails at the corners of the original line. Remove the original line. Now take your new fuel line. With a heat gun, warm up the fuel line at the first bend. When the line bends easily, go to the next corner and do the same. When the rubber cools off, it should retain the shape. But you MUST buy the correct type of fuel line for this to work.

  • does anyone know how to set off the alarm without cutting the cable? I would just like to hear what the alarm sounds like.

  • Me to

  • As far as alarms go, go ahead and let them take the bike. Just hide a $10 pay-as-you-go cell phone on it. Then take your fuel line, leftover 2x4...track your bike to their place, and TCOB.