• 85 degrees in southern Oregon

    85 degrees in southern Oregon

    Good day for a ride

    • Warmer there than in Florida.

    • 80 degrees in Rockford IL. Finally able to get out and ride today.

    • Sharp scoot

    • It's temporary the rain ain't over yet !

    • We had rain all last week up until yesterday morning. It's a comfortable 72° at the moment.

    • Had 80 In Wisconsin today too

    • Beautiful bike. What bars are those?

    • Home built

    • They look like a black version of my mini apes

    • Where can I get mini apes to fit my aero my mechanic tried to find me some and his distributors didn't have any to fit .pipe size was wrong

    • I bought mine off JP cycles they aren't a direct fit according to the website but I bought one inch risers off eBay and no problems yet