85 Honda shadow 500


85 Honda shadow 500

Got it for cheap. When I hit the start button the relay just clinks. Battery's good. Checked fuses. Made sure everything is hooked up. Ideas ? I already ordered a new relay.

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  • Bad starter


  • If the ignition relay is clicking, then the safety's are all working , the starter switch is working, and current is flowing. So, either the battery is low or has a bad cell; the relay is bad, or the starter motor is bad, or there is a bad/corroded/loose connection somewhere in the starter circuit...battery to relay, battery to ground, relay to starter. Jump the connections on the relay and see if the starter spins...If it does, then take the starter motor and the battery and cables out of the list of possible problems..and you have...the ignition relay. If it doesnt spin...get a battery you know is good...check all the battery cables to make sure they are clean and tight..try again...yes? ok fine happy days...no? jump the relay connections again and see if the starter spins.....yes? replace the relay....no? replace the relay anyway because its cheaper than a starter motor....all good now? yes?...ride!....no? bend over and get a new starter motor.....or...if you know someone that can rebuild it, you can get starter motor parts at BikeBandit.com or Motorcyclegoodies.com...or the dealer

  • Could be dirty contacts at the starter button. http://www.rattlebars.com/mtz/starter.html

  • I have the same bike it's the started solenoid my buddy rebuilt mine but you can find em for like 15 bucks. I picked up my bike for 400 bucks just needed a battery but now I'm going through all the bs wiring.

  • "Bend over and buy new starter" , yeah that's about right lol.

  • Starter

  • Where is the ignition relay.

  • NO IT'S NOT THE STARTER, a single click is the starter solenoid my 84 700 just did the same, find any old cheap solenoid of another bike or scooter and put it on problem solved for me

  • Kickstand down?

  • Keep u posted. Have another from another bike.

  • A bad starter will do the same..

  • Also. If I try and jump the relay (stick a screw driver to the + and - it won't try and turn over like it's suppose too.

  • Also. If I try and jump the relay (stick a screw driver to the + and - it won't try and turn over like it's suppose too.

  • As I mentioned before, test for 12 volts at the starter with a meter while the start button is depressed. If there's 12 volts there, the starter is bad

  • Ok. Cause it rolled in 5th and I heard the compression. So I know it's not froze.

  • If it won't crank by jumping the solenoid, there's either no power at the solenoid, a bad connection, or a bad starter.

  • Is the battery good?