85 V65 she rocks 58k miles running strong Top speed verified 138 mph not a...


85 V65 she rocks!!! 58k miles running strong. Top speed verified 138 mph not a mile more .... long straight it handled great fifth gear, OD rpm dropped so I kept it in 5th gear.

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  • no,max.speed in gear 5 ,6 is only overdrive,less500upm.

  • Sadly the fastest I've ever been was in a SUV... 179 in my BMW x5 4.4 lol

  • only gas here without ethanol in it is the high octane so i guess i have no choice but to use that

  • 3.40s raise the rpm's about 500 in each gear. Mine showed 8500 when the speedo showed 150. It was still pulling, I chickened out.

  • My 86 700 will bury the 130mph spedo

  • Tom run mid grade with out ethanol.

    These bikes were made to run on it. And you will get note mpg done tested it. Any moisture mixes with ethanol , the ethanol separates turns into a non usable produced / trash and water in fuel.

    All petroleum products absorb moisture.

    Honda spends millions on perfecting the furl systems that why if Honda recommends it they can back up what they say/do

  • The book says 91 min on 86 700

  • In our cars we run non ethanol fuel we average 25-35 miles per tank

  • Bigger jets and advanced timing calls for hot fuel don't tell me my 7 will run faster than an 11 because I want one

  • Joey Giddens only our supreme has no ethanol