87 450 I moved the controls forward and put 250 shocks on it I can really...

'87 450. I moved the controls forward and put 250 shocks on it. I can really stretch out and low to the ground too.

  • did you use a kit or make your own extensioms

  • Made my own. I work in sheet metal fabrication. There's also a machine shop and weld shop there, so I had access to everything. For the threaded rod, I cut it in half and added a short piece in the middle. (Thanks Weld Shop) Lol

  • lol I'm making my own and was just gonna use all thread and smooth it. but I gotta find the right size and thread pitch

  • Right. And it seems to me like one end is left handed threads. I don't remember, it's been a few years, but I do remember it was a problem somehow and that was my best solution at the time.

  • if it is ill have to cut the linkage too

  • Damn i wish i can do that to mine old 87 250 they dont make a kit to stretch my controls

  • Dude love the front fender. Tearing mine down over the winter and giving her a custom battle flag threw out the entire bike. Just waiting for snow now lol

  • Well thank ya Sir.... and I'll be watching for some pictures. :)